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Microwaves & Ovens

Smad Microwaves & Ovens range from small microwaves, built-in microwaves to Ovens. Our microwaves & ovens products have all the certifications required by African market, including CB/CE/UL/ETL/SASO, etc.

Smad Built-in Microwave Oven with 8 Auto cooking menus

·Automatic defrost

·LED Lighting

·Digital temperature control with display

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25L 900W Built-in Microwave Oven with Grill

Smad 20 Litre Convection & Grill Microwave with Cooking end signal

· Digital

· Cooking end signal

· Preset

· Express cooking

· Child safety lock

· LED display

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20L Microwave & Convection & Grill 3-in-1 Microwave

Smad 20 Litre Microwave with Mechanical control

* Mechanical control

* Solo Function

* Cooking end signal

* Express cooking

* Child safety look

* Removable turnable

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20 Litre Express Cooking Microwave Oven with Grill

Smad Convection Gas Oven and Stove with Speedy Preheat Technology

·Mechanical Timer 

·5 gas burner

·Opening Warming Drawer

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30 Inch Convection Gas Oven with 5 Gas Burners

Smad 30 Litre Convection & Air Fry Microwave Oven with Simple defrost function

• 30L Capacity

• Convection and Air fry

• Glass Turntable 

• Push handle door

• Inner lamp 

• Cooking end signal

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30L Convection and Air Fry Microwave Oven

Smad 30L Built In Microwave with Express Cooking

• Express Cooking

• End Cooking Signal 

• Child safety lock 

• Auto cooking

• Preset function 

• Chrome knob

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30L Multifunctional Built In Microwave

Smad 30L Digital Control Countertop Microwave Oven with LED Display

* Digital Control with LED Display;

* 6 Auto Cooking Menus;

* 10 Microwave Power Levels;

* Cooking End Signal;

* Child Safety Lock;

* Removable Turntable;

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30L Digital Control Countertop Microwave Oven

Smad 30L Black Microwave with 10 Microwave power levels


·Output: 1000W

·10 Microwave power level

·Digital Display

·Child Lock

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30L Black Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave

Smad Convection & Grill Electric Oven with Cooking End Signal

1. Digital

2. Grill & Convection

3. Cooking End Signal

4. Express cooking

5. Turntable

6. LED display

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34L Grill & Convection Electric Oven

Smad Built-In Electric Oven with TFT Touch Control

♦ TFT Touch Control

♦ 5.0" TFT Display

♦ Removable Door Plate

♦ Hidden Bottom Heating Element

♦ Forced Cooling System

♦ Smoke Ventilation System

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65L Multi Function 3 in 1 Built-In Electric Oven

Smad Digital Microwave Oven with Grill

*Digital Control with LED Display

*6 Auto Cooking Menus

*6 Microwave Power Levels

*Cooking end signal

*Child safety lock

*Removable Turntable

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20L 700W Digital Control Countertop Microwave Oven with Grill

Smad 20L Mini Microwave with 6 Power Levels

* 6 Power Levels

* Speed and Weight Defrost 

* Express Cooking

* Glass Turntable Tray 

* Cooking End Signal

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20L 700W Mechanical Mini Countertop Microwave Oven

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