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Featured Products

Smad Featured Products for Asia Pacific range from gas / absorption refrigerators, car fridge freezers, solar refrigerators, camping fridges and 12 volt fridges.

Smad 12V Portable Car Refrigerator with Optional Built-in Battery

• Built-in Battery(Optional)

• Telescopic handle and wheels 

• Wireless Charging for Smartphone

• 3-Stage Car Battery Protection

• Multiple Color Options

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New Design 50L 12/24V Compressor Cooler Box for Car

Smad Portable Mini Fridge for Car with Two-way lid design

• Lid latch

• Two-way lid design

• DIY accessibility

• Safety design

• Multiple Accessories

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15L Yellow Mini Fridge for Car with Two-way Lid

Smad 12 Volt Camping Fridge with no compressor

· Completely no noise

· CFC-Free

· Automatic defrosting

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40L 12V Camping Fridge

Smad Hotel Mini Bar Absorption Fridge with completely no noise

· Completely no noise

· CFC-Free

· Automatic defrosting

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30/40L Hotel Mini Bar Absorption Refrigerator

Smad Portable Car Fridge Freezer 2 in 1 with Intelligent circuit control system

·Interior lighting

·Digital control panel & display

·3 stage battery protection

·Heavy duty carry handles

·Detachable lid,removable basket

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50L Portable Car Fridge Freezer 2 in 1

Smad Glass Door Mini Bar Fridge with completely no noise

· Transparent door

· Completely no noise

· CFC-Free

· Automatic defrosting

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50 / 60L Glass Door Mini Absorption Fridge

Smad 12V Portable Car Fridge with Digital Control Panel

• Digital Control Panel

• Precise Temperature Control

• Extra-Thick Rubber Seals

• Collapsible Handle

• Internal Light, Removable Basket

• Integrated Battery Protection System

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New Design 60L 12/24 Volt Car Fridge

Smad Gas Compact 3 Way Refrigeratorwith Top Mounted Control Panel

* Top Mounted Control Panel

* 2 Wire Shelves

* Crystal Door Racks

* Adjustable Feet

* Reversible Door

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53L Compact Gas Refrigerator with Reversible Door

Smad Solar Powered Top Mount AC Fridge with Mechanical temp.control

·Mechanical control

·Interior light

·Energy saving and low noise

·Reversible door

·Adjustable front feet

·Glass and wire shelf optional

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108L AC/DC Solar Powered Top Freezer Fridge

Smad Solar Compressor Bottom Freezer DC Refrigerator with Mechanical temperature controller

·Two wheels for convenient transportation

·-18℃ for the freezer compartment

·0-10℃ for the fridge compartment

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198L DC Solar Powered Compressor Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Smad Solar Powered Double Door Refrigerator with directly battery powered

·Food-grade health plastic shelves

·Adjustable front feet

·Glass and wire shelf optional

·Lock & key optional 

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260/138L Solar Powered Double Door Fridge Freezer

Smad Gas / Absorption Double Door Refrigerator with Advanced absorption cooling system

· Completely no noise

· 2 Way Powered

· Advanced absorption cooling system

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275L Gas/Electric Double Door Refrigerator

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