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Laundry Machine

Smad Laundry Machines for Asia Pacific range from clothes dryer machines, front load washing machines, top load washing machines, automatic washing machines and washing machine with dryers.

Smad 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer Machine with 15 Programs

·Led display

·15 Programs + 5 buttons

·Drying capacity 8kg

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8Kg Condenser Tumble Clothes Dryer Machine

Smad 8Kg Heat Pump Clothes Dryer with Heat Pump

·8kg Clothes Dryer

·With Heat Pump

·LED display

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8Kg 15 Programs Clothes Dryer with Heat Pump

Smad Integrated Washer Dryer Machine with 16 Washing Programs

1. Built-in Installation

2. Combo Washer & Dryer 

3. Washing Capacity: 8Kg

4. Drying Capacity: 6Kg

5. 16 Washing Programs

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8Kg Integrated Washer Dryer Machine

Smad Integrated 8Kg Front Loader Washing Machine with 16 automatic programs

* 16 automatic programs

* Child Lock function

* Super quick wash 

* Time delay function

* Self-diagnostic fault-finding

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8Kg Integrated Front Loader Washing Machine

Smad 9Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine with Computer Control

* Stainless Steel Inner Tub

* Computer Control

* Digital Time

* Child Lock

* Soak Wash

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6/7/8/9Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Smad 8/7Kg Single Tub Top Load Washing Machine with Water Jet Flow

1. Water Jet Flow

2. Low Noise

3. Rat mesh

4. Adjustable foot

5. Anticrease(reuse water)

6. Preset 1-24 hours

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6~9Kg Computer Control Top Load Washing Machine

Smad 9Kg Inverter Steam Washing Machine with 15 Washing Programs

• 15 Washing Programs

• Pause & Add Function

• Inverter Motor

• Pure Jet Wash

• Delayed stop

• Favorite programs

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9/10Kg Front Load Inverter Steam Washing Machine

Smad 7Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine with Multiple function

·Top loading

·Transparent window

·Electronics control

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7Kg Twin Tub Top Load Washing Machine

Smad Stackable Washer Dryer Combo with Power Jet Wash

* Washer & Dryer 2 in 1

* Power Jet Wash System

* Snowflake Drum

* Pause & Add Function

* Inverter Motor 

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9/10Kg Silver Washer & Dryer 2 in 1

Smad Direct Drive 10Kg Front Loader Washing Machine with BLDC Inverter Motor

• BLDC Inverter Motor

• Touch Screen Control

• Delayed end up to 24H

• High temperature wash

• Add Laundry Pause Function

• Honeycomb Drum

• Self-cleaning tank and drum

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9Kg/10Kg Touch Control Direct Drive Front Load Washing Machine

Smad 10/8/7/6.5 Kg Top Loader Semi Automatic Washing Machine with Intelligent Turbo Washing

1. Washing Capacity: 5 / 9 / 13.5Kg

2. Independent Twin Tubs

3. Intelligent Turbo Washing

4. Direct Water Inlet

5. One-layer Body Cabinet

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5~13.5Kg Semi Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine

Smad 8Kg Washing Machine with Dryer with Big LED display

1. 1400 RPM

2. Big LED display

3. Single waterinlet

4. White door, white knob

5. Inverter motor

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8Kg Freestanding Automatic Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo

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